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A photo of a Japanese woman looking down in a moment of silence. She is standing in front of a barbed wire fence.
Briana Scroggins for KUER
The Topaz Museum removed a rediscovered memorial to a man shot and killed there by a guard in 1943. They unearthed it with a forklift — without archaeologists on hand and without informing former prisoners and their descendants. Some of the former prisoners recently returned to the camp to honor the man who died.
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In recent years, many Americans have cut carbs and sugar, reduced fat and tried every diet. Yet millions of us still have high blood pressure, are pre-diabetic and obese. Why?

Mark Schatzker has devoted himself to trying to answer this question.

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This is the place where Utah politics tastes good. Where the stories are covered in fry sauce and you can boost your civic IQ without all the campaigning and cross-talk. This is politics, the Utah way.
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45 days. That’s not a lot of time to write, debate and pass hundreds of bills. And just like one notorious maiden at the ball, once the clock strikes midnight the party is over. So, how does the magic happen?
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