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Many Republican voters in Utah defected from the party in 2016 to vote for independent candidate and Utahn Evan McMullin, who billed himself as an alternative to Donald Trump. Without a viable third-party candidate in the state this year, where will those voters go?
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Court room interior at the United States Supreme Court
As the Trump administration works to nominate Justice Ginsburg’s replacement, some liberals are talking about packing the Supreme Court – in other words, adding more justices. We’ll talk about what all means this week on RadioWest.
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Renee Bright
Some Utahns are sharing stories of sexual assault on social media and compiling lists of alleged perpetrators under the hashtag #UtahRapists. The idea is to empower survivors and spread awareness, and the concept dates back far before social media.
The latest news and numbers on COVID-19 across the state.
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